Movement is key to a healthy life. I had this mentality since very early on. I started dancing at age 5 with ballet, then moved to all sorts of different dances, including modern, latin, jazz, tap. There was a time, where I got fund of indoor cycling and then pilates.

Everything however has changed once I found yoga, more specifically hot yoga. So many inversions, twists, a constant emphasis on spine. Also a hiit-like workout that stills my mind.

Sure not everyone needs to like tough workouts. But we all need a healthy spine. And hot yoga is perfect for it. With modifications you just build the necessary strength. And there you are. Flexibility doesn’t have to come naturally. What you need is just strength in the right muscles and of course a dedicated practice habit.

No matter the age, the flexibility, body condition, we can do yoga. To gain and sustain a healthy life style.

Please check out my video for my successful crowdfunding called  ‘Yoga knows no disability’ to sponsor my yoga training.  I am also open to projects that will promote ‘Yoga for Everyone’.

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