Education and Research Experience


2012 PhD Program in Evolutionary Biology in UZH

2010 Fast Track Master in UZH Life Science Program

2006 Bachelor in Genetics and Bioengineering in Yeditepe University, Istanbul

2001 German High School, Istanbul

Research Experience

2015 – University of Zurich, Anthropology Department, Identifying selection in orangutan genomes

2010 – 2014 University of Zurich, Inst. of evolutionary biol. and environmental sci.: Robustness and phenotypic variation in various biological systems: metabolism, translation and gene expression, cancer

2009 – 2010 Yeditepe University, Istanbul, Dept of Genetics and Bioeng.: Robustness of genetic codes

2009 Yeditepe University, Istanbul, Dept. Chem. Eng.: Modeling of biochemical pathways

2009 Bogazici University, Istanbul, Polymer Res. Center: Prediction of protein-protein interaction sites