To me, science is a way to understand nature, but likewise, art helps us to understand and reach minds. That is why I like writing short stories and essays. You can find some of my essays in my blog Madam Tutu. I describe myself as a beginner in writing and would like to improve my skills over time.

Besides, I write for a Turkish Science Journal. Some of the articles I wrote for this journal and a orevious one are as following:

Mysterious disappearance of bees threatens food industry, 2013, (in Turkish), bilim.org
Empathy thanks to mirror neurons, 2012, (in Turkish), bilim.org
Empathic Brain, 2012, (in Turkish), bilim.org
Where is Turkey in science?, 2012, (in Turkish), bilim.org
Stop to the animal subject torture in cosmetics, 2012, (in Turkish), bilim.org
Discrimination against women in the academic world, 2012, (in Turkish), bilim.org
Evolutionary Migration Ways, 2008, (in Turkish) Turkish Science Portal
Genealogy Tests, 2008, (in Turkish) Turkish Science Portal
Tracing Our Roots with DNA,2007, (in Turkish) Turkish Science Portal

Recently, I started another exciting project. With a group of colleagues, we are preparing an e-book about human enhancement, as part of a NeoHumanitas project.

I also do reviewing for PLoS One since two years.