2012 PhD Program in Evolutionary Biology in UZH

2010 Fast Track Master in UZH Life Science Program

2006Bachelor in Genetics and Bioengineering in Yeditepe University, Istanbul

2001 German High School, Istanbul


Awards & Grants

2012 Swiss National Science Foundation for Ph.D. Students

2010 University of Zurich, Fast Track Master Program Funding

2010 Yeditepe Uni. 1. Ranking Graduate Student of Genetics and Bioengineering Department

2010 Turkish National Science Foundation Graduation Project Grant

2009 ESEB Congress Registration Grant

2008 Best Author Award in Turkish Science Portal

2007 Yeditepe University Honor of Success Certificate

2006 Yeditepe University Education Scholarship

2006 Abitur (passed German University Entrance Exam)


Research Experience

2010 – University of Zurich, Inst. of evolutionary biol. and environmental sci.: Evolvability and robustness in various levels: metabolism, translation and gene expression

2009 – 2010 Yeditepe University, Istanbul, Dept of Genetics and Bioeng.: Robustness of genetic codes

2009 Yeditepe University, Istanbul, Dept. Chem. Eng.: Modeling of biochemical pathways

2009 Bogazici University, Istanbul, Polymer Res. Center: Prediction of protein-protein interaction sites



2008 A statistical analysis of the robustness of alternate genetic coding tables, National Molecular Biology and Genetics Student Congress, Istanbul, Turkey



2012 Robust Codon Usage at Protein Binding Sites, SMBE, Dublin, Ireland

2010 Evolutionary Motives of Coooperation,  National Evolution Symposium, Istanbul, Turkey

2009 Robustness of Alternative Genetic Coding Tables: A Statistical Analysis, ESEB, Italy



2011 – Bioinformatics Course Lab Assistant , UZH


Administrative Experience

2012 – Institute PhD representative of UZH

2011 – Bioinformatics Course Administrative Assistant in UZH

2007 – 2010 board of directors in Biotechnology Society in Yeditepe University

2007 founded Biotechnology Society in Yeditepe University


Organized Congresses

2010 I. International Biotechnology Student Congress, Istanbul, Turkey

2009 Evolution and Philosophy Symposium, Istanbul, Turkey







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