I am a Forschungskredit post-doc fellow in the University of Zurich in Evolutionary Genetics Lab. I am in Zurich since 2010, when I came here to carry out my PhD in Andreas Wagner’s lab to work on robustness and phenotypic variation in various levels of biological systems.F1.medium

I mainly work on DNA tandem repeats and their effect on gene expression in various contexts, including gene regulation evolution and cancer. You can check out our recent paper on great ape tandem repeats and their contribution in gene expression evolution, which got the cover in Genome Research. Also, another study on tandem repeat instability and its impact on cancer phenotype is out. I consider this publication as preliminary and plan to continue working on it, as it has highly intersting and promising results on colorectal cancer evoultion.

As I am currently a member of Anthropology Department, I found the oppurtunity to work on primate genomes. I do selection tests to trace signatures of adaptation in wild orangutan genomes, whose results will be published soon. Results of this study are quite exciting for a better understanding of human energy metabolism especially under sterssful conditions.

Besides research, I do a lot of teaching. Check out my teaching page.

To me, science is a way to understand nature, but likewise, art helps us to understand and reach minds. That is why I like writing short stories and essays. You can find some of my essays in Turkish in my blog Madam Tutu.