Hey there

My name is Tugce, pronounced as 2Che. I am a lecturer in Columbia University. I am passionate for scientific outreach and student-centered teaching. I live in New York with my husband and our cat, Merlin. I am also a yoga instructor and an art enthusiast. Reach me via tutu.bilgin@gmail.com

Fundraising and Grants

I am an experienced fundraiser. Next to the full scholarships, I received for my undergrad and master studies, I got the national science foundation graduation project grant (1500 TL), ESEB congress registration fund (250‎€), Forschungskredit Post-doc grant (CHF 92,000), ESEB Fund for Equal Opportunities (900‎€) and for my crowdfunding campaign (CHF 4,000) from 100-days.net . Also, I have […]


Scientific Outreach

I highly value reaching out to young minds. Hence I have been in various many scientific activities addressing non-scientific audiences. These include organising and teaching workshops for pupils, giving talks to nonscientific audiences and writing popular science books and articles. Workshops This year I involved in organizing a programming workshop aimed at high school girls. […]

I knew about mutations already as a kid: I am born with one hand only, due to Chernobyl. Later, our biology teacher told us about evolution and how mutations shape us and the nature. I was fascinated!

Teaching and Supervision

I currently teach Frontiers of Science course, a science course for all majors in Columbia University. I also teach scientific coding in Brooklyn College, City University of New York as a part time instructor. I  have involved in multiple teaching projects that are aimed to bring equal opportunities to students from various backgrounds. My projects […]