Fundraising and Grants

I am an experienced fundraiser. Next to the full scholarships, I received for my undergrad and master studies, I got the national science foundation graduation project grant (1500 TL), ESEB congress registration fund (250‎€), Forschungskredit Post-doc grant (CHF 92,000), ESEB Fund for Equal Opportunities (900‎€) and for my crowdfunding campaign (CHF 4,000) from .

Also, I have put together proposals for a SystemsX post-doc grant (10 pages), Sinergia (30 pages), Krebsliga project grant twice (10 pages) and a Novartis project grant (6 pages). For the Sinergia grant, I convinced two PIs from academia and a clinician to follow up my paper from the PhD on clinical samples. We have become a bigger group today, having multiple students in Zurich Applied School and IBM; and getting even bigger soon.

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